Welcome to my webpage, my name is Viktor Ivanov Plamenov and I am the creator of VipMeteorites.

My goal is to offer competitive, accessible prices to all meteorite lovers who want to increase their collection and those who want to treat their meteorites.

These prices are offered whilst maintaining the highest quality and post-sales service. Conserving and maintaining the characteristics of a small business and the personal touch is the philosophy of this company.

All the meteorites offered in this shop are sent with a certificate of authenticity with their description and a stamp from the International Meteorite Collectors Association. I am a member of this association since 2018 and you can view my profile on  this site.

My specialization

Is the cutting, polishing all kinds of meteorites and and stabilization by electrolysis

This process is ideal for stabilizing the iron meteorites, eliminating all the chloride from its interior and so delaying the appearance the appearance of rust.

This process has proven to be a trust worthy and cost efficient way of preserving iron and nickel meteorites, in both museums and private collections.

Do you want to find out more? Send me an email.