Preparation and restoration of any type of meteorite

Cutting Meteorites

The cut is made with a diamond wire machine of excellent German quality. Depending on the sample to be cut, a wire of different thickness can be used, the most used being 0.21mm and 0.16 mm (0.5 mm and 0.35 mm also available). This cutting meteorites process, allows to minimize material losses compared to other conventional types of cutting techniques. The dimensions of the sample can be up to 250×250 mm.


Professional cleaning process for all types of meteorites, especially for iron and stony-iron, with sandblasting, wire wheel brush or ultrasonic cleaner.

Stabilization by electrolysis

Stabilization for iron and stony-iron meteorites to stop the development of rust from the inside the pieces. The electrolysis time is directly related to the size of the sample to be stabilized, and can range from 1 week for very small pieces to 1 year for very large samples.



Is carried out with diamond flat lap grinding for eliminate possible traces after the cutting process. One of the finishes that I can offer is the mirror effect, but there are also other more economic finishes. The dimensions of the sample can be up to 250×250 mm.

polishing a meteorite


In my etching process to reveal the Widmanstätten pattern I use nitric acid reduced to 5% in a solution with ethanol or ferric chloride and other self-created processes. The method used it will depend of the type of the meteorite or at the request of the client.


Sealed and encapsulated

For an excellent finish and a longer durability of the samples, I recommend the application of an epoxy resin or a varnish depending on each specific meteorite. Also the application of consolidants is a good idea for some stony meteorites that require higher strength without damaging their appearance.

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Pricing: each meteorite is different so every order will be individually adjusted in price, depending on the hardness of the meteorite, finishes and the quantity to be treated. You can also make payments with material.

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